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What if I you had a terminal disease? Think about that...  Now you are about to pass away,and one day, while you are on your death bed, I stop by your hospital room, and I tell you that I can purchase a spiritual flight to Heaven for you (eternal life in paradise). This purchase will ensure that your last breath on earth will be your first breath on the shores of Heaven. Yes, in this fictional scenario, I have the hook up, the means,and the desire, to do all that for you.

Here, Heaven is a real, tangible, eternal place. It is the most beautiful, the most amazing,the most restful, vibrant and meaningful place in the cosmos. It's a place where you feel 100% loved and 100% accepted and valued. It's a place where you are free from every self destructive desire and/or vice and where you are for the first time unalterably happy.  Stop again, and think about that. You are on your death bed, barely breathing - in pain and agony- thinking back to your life, unaware of what comes after death and you are scared.

I come in and offer you Heaven

How happy are you at the prospect of that idea? Think about that with me... Imagine that.

You are about to die and loose all that you know, and I tell you I'll buy you that ticket... Amazing right? 

What if, now, I tell you that in order to buy you that ticket, I will have to spend my entire life savings, pay all your debts, and go completely broke to purchase that ticket for you? And that's not all- On top of that, I will actually have to trade places with you and take on your terminal disease and all it's horrors and ramifications in order for your spiritual flight to be valid? That would be mind baffling that I'd even think of doing that... right? Man, no one is deserving of any of that. 

What if, worse than all that, before you were diagnosed with your terminal disease, you had raped my wife?...stay with me. 

 I know I almost lost you there because that seems so vulgar, unbelievable, implausible and un-appealing because of that last twist in the story, right? Don't stop here- it gets wilder.

Basically , I was telling you on your death bed, that I was willing to give up all my hard earned riches to buy you a ticket and pay your debt, give up my own stellar life, and forgive you for all that you did in regards to raping my wife so that you could be in eternal paradise.. What in the?  Wow... Did that sink in?

After all that, would you believe me if I told you that I love you? Yeah you would. You know why?  Anyone can say they love you- you know love by sacrifice. 

What you just heard, if it were true, would be the most heroic, loving,miraculous act of love ever enacted right? What you just heard was a metaphor for what Christ did.

Huh? What? Yes. It is.

The metaphor:

- Christ is the one offering you the ticket to Heaven. 

 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life". 

- Christ lost His riches for you: 

The Bible says "that though Christ was eternally rich, yet for your sake He became poor".

-Christ took your place and took on your terminal disease. 

The Bible says that although "Jesus and God the Father are one" that Jesus ("God with us") " came down in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross". By becoming a man, Jesus took on our terminal disease: our human life (including all our pain and frailties. The second we are born we are headed towards death. Since Christ is eternal He would never have experienced a physical death otherwise. Moreover, Christ's purpose for dying the death of a spiritual criminal is to take our place in experiencing God the Father's righteous wrath towards sin. 

- Christ paid all your debts:

The Bible tells us that the "wages of sin is death (eternal spiritual death- hell)" and that we have "all sinned and fallen short". That, even a lie or a bad thought separates us from God. Since the wages of sin is death, we are all guilty and have spiritual death to pay- that's our debt. If God is a righteous judge, He is obligated to apply justice towards all of us. It's hard but right. God loves you and me so much that Christ came down and paid our debt by dying in our place.

He paid our wages for sin by suffering a physical death as well as the agony of an eternal spiritual death. Wow.

He did all that out of love, so that you and I could justly have Heaven as a gift...That gift is so special because without it, you and I still have our eternal debts to pay. I am certain my debt is mad large. I am not trying to do that :).thanks. 

-In the metaphor, you rape my wife: that's a metaphor for our unthinkable guilt in the eyes of all mighty God. More clarity on that in the following tab. 

- Forgiveness for raping a wife:

 I used raping one's wife because it's probably one of the most personal, unforgivable and heinous crimes to be pardoned for. To Christ, who "all things were created by" ( Colossians 1:16), every human being is infinitely precious because He made us. That being said, every time a man or woman is raped it causes a more intimately personal offense to God than it would if it happened to our spouse or loved one.

God was willing to offer forgiveness for the most heinous thing that we could do to Him: sin. Goodness gracious man! He was willing to pay for and forgive all the sin that anyone has -ever- done. What is the thing that you hate the most? What if you had to take all of that thing (whatever it is) that ever existed? Well, that's what sin is to Christ and he took all that for people who hated Him. "God is love. And this is love, while we were still haters of God, Christ died for us". 

- Best part:

The best part about all this is that this personal eternal relationship with God, is a free gift. "The wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus". It cost Christ a lot but it costs you and I nothing. 

The word Gospel means "good news" because it's the best news ever shared. 

God adores you and He wants us in Heaven but He has to apply justice to sin because He is good.  What does He do?

 If He is God, He has to be 100% righteous and just and 100% love at the same time. So what does He do? He can't just forgive you and dismiss your "case". Would a good and fair judge let a guilty person go without applying the law to their crime? No. Otherwise his integrity and judgment might be questionable right? 

 On the other hand, it would not seem loving if He was fine with sending us all to Hell with no way out of our predicament right? Well, that’s why Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He did what was masterfully loving: He took our place and paid our penalty so that judgment against sin would be served by his death -and- You and I could be lovingly spared at the same time- giving us a place in Heaven with Him forever. 


 Everyone likes things that are free. I am certain that you'd want a free vacation to your favorite place, if you could have it right? How about a free gift of eternal life in a perfect place created by the One who created all things that you like, served with an appetizer of forgiveness for everything you have ever done, or will do. Blaow! Gospel: supernaturally fantabulous incomparable news. You can't earn a place in Heaven, it's a free gift! 

 God wants you and me in Heaven and He wants you and me to have an eternal personal relationship with Him while you are here- that's amazing. Good news right? 

The way we receive that gift of eternal life from God is mad simple: repentance (admitting our spiritual guilt and turning away from our sin) and faith (believing in Christ's death and resurrection. What’s crazy is that You can accept that gift right now by just talking to God wherever you are: admitting your guilt, turning away from your sin and following Christ by putting your faith in Him. The Bible says that once you give your life to Christ, "nothing can separate you from the love of Christ" and that you can "know that you have eternal life" (1 John 5:13).

I have been skeptical of the Bible for most of my life. As a matter of fact, I used to debate against it. There are so many liars and fakes out there that masquerade as Bible teachers and destroy people's lives. That's why it's not wise to trust someone's teaching at face value. There are also real Bible teaching churches out there though - find them and always reference back to your Bible to see if what they are saying accurately reflects the Bible (the Bible tells us to do that). 

Although I didn't want anything to do with what I thought Christianity was,God drew me to Himself and now the Bible is my favorite book. It's supernatural; and I realized something special about it "it is spiritually discerned, otherwise it is foolishness" and that's why I was missing all that was being said in the Bible.

Just to be clear man, I am not trying to convince you because I can't. I do want to share the most amazing love story ever told with you though- in hopes that it would transform your life the way that it did mine, once I put my faith in Christ.

Christ has absolutely transformed everything that I am. Hard times still come and I am far from perfect, but one thing is for sure, God is love and He loves me as much as He says He does. There is a supernaturally abundant internal eternal spiritual life out here for you and it's found in Christ alone.  He made it free for you. Remember that metaphor? He loves you man.Like crazy.

Love y'all 


Some of my favorite Bible verses for you to eventuate yourself while you search for truth:

1 John 5:11-13

Colossians 1:16

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23

Romans 5:8 

Romans 10:9 

John 3:16